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WayBack water was created by Dan Nelson to address the problem of dehydration.

All our biological functions, including circulation, digestion, absorption, and cleansing, depend on water. The human body is anywhere from 55% to 78% water, depending on body size.  A regular supply of clean water is essential for good health and to prevent degeneration of cells. Since water is vital to our health, the type and quality of water we take into our body are important.

For optimal health the water in our bodys cells should be constantly replaced. The old water moves out, carrying all the waste that has been created inside the cell, and fresh water transports nutrients into the cell.

Unfortunately, the water that is being consumed in the world today is made up of 95% to 97% clustered water molecules that are too big to enter through the cell wall. As a result many of our bodys cells just sit full ofsewagewater. Waste is not carried out and nutrients are not getting in. This greatly contributes to degeneration of cells and opens up the body for disease.

So why is the water that we are drinking made up of clustered molecules? And what makes WayBack water different from normal bottled water or water from the tap? When water goes through copper pipes, the structure of the molecules is changed. Molecules lose electrons. This makes them unstable. Unstable molecules are always seeking to become stable. As a result they end up clustering together. WayBack water has gone through a process which uses cutting edge quantum physics-based technology. The result is water particles 100% of which are .4 nanometer in size, making this water small enough to enter the bodys cells.

If you drink WayBack water daily, all the water in your bodys cells will be regularly replaced, toxins inside the cells will be removed, and nutrients will constantly be delivered to your cells. How long will it take for you to become completely hydrated and for all thesewagewater in your bodys cells to be replaced? This will varywe are all so biochemically different and are dehydrated to different degrees. One thing is for certain thoughby drinking this water daily, you gradually will become more and more hydrated, slow down the degeneration going on in your body, and give your body one of the most important tools it needs to stay in good health.


* Other websites that may try to sell the WayBack water are outdated and/or doing so in violation of permissions not granted. 

April 14-17, 2016 Annual Conference Announcement:

Who: Nancy Ansley is working in conjunction with Dan & Lynn to sponsor this seminar. It is important to note that a perquisite to be trained by Dan & team is to be a member of the private educational association, The Positron Group. Those only wanting assessments by Dan & the BP by educators, do NOT have to be Positron members. So let your family & friends know if an assessment ($175) would be helpful to them. This will take about 1 hr & 45 minutes.

Arrive on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 and leave on Monday, April 18, 2016. Anyone who wishes to come earlier or stay later will still get the reduced hotel rate that we have been granted. Thursday will be Dan’s lecture and instructions day from 8 am to 5 pm with Dan teaching and demonstrating. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be the hands-on experience days where Dan supervises his trainers as they are training their trainees to do the Balancing Protocol on various clients who wish to sign up for this service. Those only wanting assessments ($175) by Dan & the BP by educators, do NOT have to be Positron members. 

Where: Beautiful Branson, Missouri is the destination. For those needing to fly rather than drive, there are two airports close by: one in Branson, MO (BKG) and Springfield-Branson National Airport (SGF) which is conveniently located in Southwest Missouri, just 35 minutes north of Branson, 4 hours from Little Rock, and approximately 3 hours from St. Louis, Kansas City and Tulsa.

How Much: The cost for the 4 days of training is $440 per person. What do you receive for your $110 per day? There will be a catered lunch each day. You will be receiving 4 days of detailed, hands-on experience with Dan monitoring the BP (Balancing Protocol) and doing the exit assessment on each client before they depart. 

Lastly, the price includes snacks, coffee, tea and water. It also includes your picture with Dan handing you your certificate of completion. If you frame it and put it up in your future office or if you put it in a scrapbook or photo album – it is your keepsake reminder of 4 days well spent with a wonderful educator who wants to see his dream come true of teaching others to do what he does. Early departures before the conclusion at the end of the day on Sunday will not receive their full, required training or diploma.

If you only want to attend Dan’s lecture day (Thurs, April 14, 2016) the cost is $110 & includes a catered lunch/snack/drinks.

Misc Details: The discounted rate of the motel including tax is $67.26 per day. You can choose either one queen or 2 double beds per room. This is a 100% non-smoking hotel. Each room has a flat screened TV,  mid-sized refrigerator and a microwave (which I hope you don’t use). There is wifi in each room with a hot, complimentary breakfast included in this price. So why are the rates so low? It is because the tourist season begins the very next week end and this is why we chose this time frame. Plus the fact that we are renting their largest conference room for 4 days.

The motel has an outdoor hot tub, an indoor swimming pool, a fitness center, 24 hour front desk and business center w/computers & printers in the lobby and is a winner of the 2015 Certificate of Excellence Trip Adviser.

Everyone is on their own for the evening meal. There are many restaurants to choose from close to the motel. There is “Sparky” the trolley that comes by the hotel every 30 minutes from 9 am to 6 pm to take people to the historic downtown Branson area or just a little further on to the Branson Landing famously known for its shopping (Bass Pro) and a pretty lake to view. Or go with a friend who has a car and experience the  beautiful Ozark mountains.

Have you ever wanted to have Dan Nelson analyze or scan your body in person? Well, your friends and relatives will be offered this opportunity one-time only in April of 2016 in Branson, MO at an Annual Conference. No Positron membership is required for the Assessment & BP ($175).

If you are a person that wants an assessment with Dan before the Balancing Protocol and again afterwards, call me and sign up for next April 15-17 2016 (Fri, Sat or Sun). The charge is $175. It should take about 1hr & 45 minutes.

Since Dan no longer sees people at his home, drive or fly in & meet with Dan at your appointed time and also the trainer/trainee who will do the Balancing Protocol and you will exit with Dan’s assessment before you leave. Drive or fly back home. You must exit after your appointment – no sitting around, observing – limited space –  There can be no waiting around to talk to Dan at the end of the day because he needs his rest after giving out so much of himself in long hours of each of the 3 training days.

You can also get the same discounted motel rate as the educators & trainees.

So if this sounds like something in which you could and would like to participate, call me at 870-741-5877 (central time zone).

Nancy Ansley – Positron Services Coordinator



The Positron Group
One-Day Lecture

with Dan Nelson
Sponsored by: Carol Ross email: with questions and to attend the seminar and/or book an assessment appointment.
Saturday, October 1, 2016
Lewiston, New York
Lewiston is 10 minutes from Niagara Falls and is located on the Niagara River, downstream from the Falls and on the border of Canada. See the changing leaves, do a wine tour. There is a lot to see and do in the area. Why not make a weekend of it? It’s cheaper than going to Montana!
The Brickyard Pub and BBQ
432 Center St, Lewiston NY 14092
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
$95.00 per attendee.
Includes a great lunch buffet at the restaurant.
Assessment Fee: $85.
Appointments are available with Dan on Oct 2 & 3 Sunday and Monday.
One does not have to be a Positron member or attend the one-day seminar
to schedule an assessment or have a protocol done. You can drive in for the day of your assessment. Please note: Dan will NOT be personally performing protocols.
Protocol Fee: $135.
which includes exit assessment by Dan.
These will be performed by Lynn, Carol, Pierre or Kailey.
We have not reserved a block of rooms. Please make your reservations directly.
Both are under $90. per night. You are free to negotiate price. It is the off-season.
Both are a couple of blocks from the seminar restaurant.
The Riverside Motel 160 S. Water St, Lewiston 716 754-4101
The Portage House Motel 280 Portage Rd, Lewiston 716 754-8295