Water Facts

These are facts for new users of the water to help answer questions and get you started correctly:  Please keep the “concentrate” away from microwave ovens, the back of computers, extreme temperatures, etc for optimal use.    Otherwise, see the ramp up schedule.
Do not follow drinking this water with regular water for at least 20-30 minutes. Wait 20-30 minutes before eating a meal.  It definitely helps diminish wrinkles on the face, too. For burns, insect bites, etc. spritz or soak for removing pain instantly! Great for men to shave with instead of cream or gel! It is also a wonderful “bug remover” to clean your car’s windshield, house windows, boat, motorcycle, etc. 
Do not store your water on a concrete floor … like a battery it will discharge it. If your carpet is a nylon or synthetic fiber over a concrete foundation, it is ok … but if it is sitting on your carpet made of natural fibers over a concrete foundation, then store it off the floor or on a shelf. 
It is best not to store your concentrate in the fridge (because of the emf’s around your fridge). Inside room temperature is best … away from emf’s (electro magnetic fields) is also best. Take care of your water and it will take care of you.