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Please keep the “concentrate” away from microwave ovens and do not store on a concrete floor.

The first thing we need is an acceptable model to help us understand the nature of water correctly. When it comes to shining light on the structural composition, properties, attributes, and characteristics of water, I have included a white paper on the website waybackwater.com, which is entitled “High Spin State Water.” The white paper introduces an entirely original physics model for water that leads us to conclusions that will enlighten anyone with an interest in the subject of hydration.

A logical approach could incorporate consideration of something seemingly unrelated: quartz crystals. Quartz is a solid and compact hexagonal structure built from silicon dioxide molecules. The SiO2molecules are positioned and locked into a relatively tightly structured geometric molecular matrix. Each of these SiO2molecules represents what we shall refer to as a node or nodal point for the convenience of conveying an important concept intrinsic to an accurate understanding of water. While not free to move relative to the other SiO2molecules in the crystalline matrix, they are susceptible to external forces causing them to vibrate,denoting interaction with their exterior environment and with the bulk crystalline matrix. The quartz crystal comes in various sizes and may incorporate impurities giving it a variety of color tints.

Water is uniquely based on molecules composed of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. The bond between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms is referred to as an ionic bond. Another correct term would be an electrovalent bond. This bond will not allow the molecule to share electrons with any other atomic or molecular structure. The H2O molecules will not even bond with other H2O molecules via electron bonding or sharing. That is a physics principle that is strictly adhered to in the atomic world. Those who model water molecules in electron-sharing arrangements are grossly in error. The electrons in the molecule are taken and never shared. Therefore, the only approach that will allow us to explain the mass density of water is to proceed with the assumption that the H2O molecules possess a nature which allows them to occupy space-time far more tightly packed together than atmospheric atoms and molecules.

H2O molecules are also weakly magnetic. They have a permanent dipole moment. This fact contributes to the molecules being attracted to other molecules. Keep in mind that the attraction has nothing to do with electron sharing but to magnetic field attraction. However, there is another consideration which influences their attraction to like molecules which is even more persuasive in achieving such a close proximity to like molecules.

The water molecule must occupy a unique and limited class of particle referred to as a boson. Bosons are symmetric and have an incredible affinity for like bosons. They are extremely attracted to similar boson particles, in no small part because they have an even spin of 0 or 1. Any complex structure formed by more than one of these boson molecules is referred to in my work as a boson particle. The particle constitutes a three dimensional, symmetrical entity that is a crystal in every sense of the word.These boson particles are correctly referred to as polyhedrons. The boson molecules always display a tendency to conserve symmetry when locked into a particle.

Now we can return to the pertinence of the quartz crystal to this discussion of water. Like our quartz crystal, the boson particles are the nodal points in the bulk crystalline structure ofwater. Instead of being locked into an ordered structural position in a geometric crystalline structure as the SiO2 moleculesare,the nodes of the bulk water crystal are mobile. They are free to move in the bulk volume of water. Consider a drop, a glass, or an ocean of water. The same status of mobility applies to any bulk quantity of water even if it is under pressure at the bottom of a deep ocean trench.

Water’s mobile crystalline composition is what makes it a liquid. The freezing temperature is where motion ceases and water enters its solid phase. Here is where the most interesting characteristic of water becomes apparent. Energy in the vacuum state around the bosons in the liquid phase of water urges the particles to move in specific self-replicating patterns that are fractal. The fractal configuration assumed by the boson particles is what is the responsible mechanism for information that water is capable of expressing. If you consider the fact that there have, in all probability, never been two identicalsnowflakes formed, then that strongly implies that water can express an infinite variety of fractals.

Carefully designed experimental work over a span of many years has demonstrated how plants and, by implications, humans and other living creatures actually utilize minerals in the soil they grow in and mineral utilization in non-plant living entities. Intelligently constructed and managed experiments reveal that minerals are not taken from the soil by the root systems of plants. The energy signature of minerals is copied in water in fractal form and then transposed into atomic mass by photosynthesis in the plants. So, photosynthesis accomplishes more than the synthesis of carbon dioxide and water aided by chlorophyl into the primary sugar and other organiccompounds in the presence of sunlight. Atomic mineral mass is also a byproduct of photosynthesis because the fractal replicate of the soil minerals is there in the water. Every element is represented by a unique fractal signature. That signature represents the entirety of the vacuum state energy and conditions associated with the solid state particles that form that element.

No compound in the universe is as receptive and prone to mimic, copy, and carry the fractal patterns of elements and compounds as water. It is truly the greatest mimic in existence. Just think of material reality as text on a sheet of paper and water as the carbon copy beneath it. Every element vibrates with a unique and discreet (complex) frequency identity. Only specific isotopic forms of each element produce an amplitude of the correct frequency high enough to copy its fractal replicate into water. An isotope is a variant of any element distinguished by having a different neutral charge neutron particle count in the atom’s nucleus. The different elements are distinguishable from one another by the positively charged proton particles in the atom’s nucleus. The proton count determines the atomic number of the element. The number of protons and neutrons together determines the atomic weight of each element. All stable elements with uneven atomic numbers are either pure or double isotopes. The rest may include more than 2 isotopes. Each isotope form exhibits its own peculiar energetic (quantum) properties. The quantum property of isotopes, which is of particular importance to WayBack Water is the frequency amplitude expressed by its unique fractal. WayBack Water has, encrypted within it, an amazing complex of pertinent isotope waveforms needed for optimum health and well-being. Water is an amazing information storage system because it holds onto information at the quantum level. This is obviously the transport mechanism which brings the benefits of minerals to all the body’s tissues. These energies are put to use for all creative, maintenance, healing, and repair functions in the body.

WayBack Water has mineral and nutritional fractal patterns loaded into it by a special process and has a much smaller boson particle size due to a proprietary engineering solution that became apparent after thewhite paper was written. WayBack has been observed to hydrate so efficiently that the scientists who studied it said that what they observed actually strained credibility. It is the perfect solution to dehydration. No other available water can come anywhere near its amazing capabilities. The energetic waveforms derived from the fractal complex sustained in WayBack Water definitely benefits biological processes. When combined with its superior hydration capabilities, WayBack represents a tremendous advantage over other waters with its ability to optimize function and structural integrity.