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Please keep the “concentrate” away from microwave ovens and do not store on a concrete floor.

The concentrate comes in a 16.9 ounce special plastic bottle that will not leach chemicals into the WayBack Water. See the “Ramp Up Schedule” for helpful mixing and drinking instructions.

The health and well-being of the human organism depends upon 73 elements from the periodic table. A limited number of these elements fall into a class commonly referred to as electrolytic minerals. All of these elements are also used in a different isotopic form and are properly classified as nutritional minerals. The brief discussion which follows, pertains to this class of minerals.

These elements must be replenished on a regular basis. However, these essential elements are not adequately present in the human food chain at this point in time. Given that they’re generally not in the soils on which our foods are being grown, almost all human beings are depleted of some, or most of these essential elements. Man’s attempts to supply these elements through supplementation fall dramatically short of reaching that goal. The reason is simple but not entirely obvious.

Mineral supplements currently available are not entirely composed of minerals. Researchers are confusing the mineral state of many of these elements with the metallic state. The human organism can only utilize unstable isotopes which can be converted up and down by exposure to quantum energy of other mineral isotopes.

Many species, including humans, are obviously living on diets deficient in correct mineral isotopes. So this raises certain questions. How do they manage to cope with these deficiencies? Given any operational coping process, how efficient is that process? What is the cost to the organism and the consequences of operating in that procedural mode?

The answer is that they are attempting to convert incorrect isotopes to useable isotope frequencies with a resultant expenditure of energy and subsequent stress placed on various biological systems.This process is less than ten percent competent in deriving correct isotopes. Operating in this mode depletes energy and vitality needed for a high state of health and well being. All of this translates into diminished immune capacity, thereby lowering resistance to disease and potentially shortening the life span.

One of the most difficult things to understand and accept is the fact that all organisms use only the quantum waveform ( i.e. frequency) of the 73 basic elements; that is the only thing a biological organism uses from minerals. Isotopic energies or frequencies from the nutritional class of minerals support the production and sustenance of DNA ,RNA, hormones, enzymes and the various carbon-based compounds in biology.

Also, the isotopes actually used by biological entities are very specific. Of the 73 needed elements, only one unstable isotope from each of these atomic elements is actually utilized with six exceptions: hydrogen, oxygen, magnesium, calcium, tin and gold. No mineral supplement ever formulated by man has ever even remotely met these requirements – – – until now!

The assumption that minerals derived from plant sources will supply the entire spectrum of human mineral needs is unsupportable. Plants and mammals utilize some of the same elements but do not share a need for common isotopes of those elements. An example of this erroneous supposition is liquid colloidal trace minerals. Supplements using minerals from those sources contain elements which the human body has no need for at all and are actually toxic to the body.

Definition: An isotope is a variant of any element distinguished by having a different neutral charge neutron particle count in the atom’s nucleus.

The different elements are distinguishable from one another by the number of positively charged proton particles in the atomic nucleus. The proton count determines the atomic number of the element.

The number of neutrons and the proton count determines the atomic weight of each element. Interestingly, all stable elements with uneven atomic numbers are either pure or double isotopes. The rest may include more than 2 isotopes. Each isotopic form exhibits its own peculiar energetic (quantum) properties. The quantum property of isotopes, which is of particular importance to this special water is the frequency or oscillation rate.

This water carries all of the correct isotopic waveforms needed for optimum health and well being. Water possesses an amazing memory like property, which allows it to store frequency information in the quantum state. This may be the mechanism which brings the benefits of minerals to all of the body’s cells in the first place. These energies are used for all creative, maintenance, healing and repair functions in the body.

The developer of this water believes that there has never been a single nutritional product in history which supplied all the correct mineral isotopes needed by the human body. The WayBack Water has additional energetic waveforms which benefit biology and, when combined with superior hydration capabilities, presents biological organisms with a unique advantage to optimize function and condition.