What Is WayBack Water?

The Science of Water

Our biological functions including circulation, nutrient absorption, and cleansing of our tissues depends on water. The human body is anywhere from 55% to 78% water, depending on body size and age. A regular supply of clean water is essential for good health and to prevent. Degeneration of the cells. Since water is vital to our health, the quality of water we take into our bodies is important. For optimum health, the water in our bodies’ tissues needs to be frequently replaced. Old water is expelled, carrying the byproducts of metabolic waste that is created in the cells, and fresh water transports nutrients and fractal information into the cells.

Unfortunately, the potable water available on our planet is composed of 95% to 97% particles that are too large to enter the interior of the cells. As a result, many of our bodies’ cells exist full of the equivalent of sewage water. Water is not removed and nutrients are not transported in with the necessary degree of efficiency. This contributes to premature degeneration of cells, and it promotes disease.

So, why is the water we are drinking made of up oversized boson particles? When water is transported through pipes and various underground aquifer formations, the structure of the boson particles is changed. The water particle increases in size because the energy state of the boson particle is diminished. WayBack Water is a re-engineering of that process. I have created cutting-edge quantum physics-based technology that is capable of increasing the energy state and a resultant reduction in size of the water bosons to 0.4 nanometers in size. That represents the smallest size that any three-dimensional boson can assume and exist in.

When you drink WayBack Water daily the smaller particle size will easily pass from the exterior into the interior environment easily with all the water capable of hydrating you. How long will it take for you to become adequately hydrated and for all the sewage water in your body to be replaced? This will vary –we are all biochemically different. Typically, a person will load at least 95% or more of the water needed in the cells within 10 weeks.

WayBack Water is bottled utilizing the highly purified water provided by Water Event in Carrollton, Texas. They have provided a 300-gallon tank for our special step-down bottling process. Each 300-gallon tank creates one hundred 24-bottle cases of concentrate. Each bottle holds 16.9 fluid ounces. Environmentally aware customers are often surprised to learn that WayBack Water is bottled in plastic. The plastic is the industry standard, #1 PETE, which is pharmaceutical plastic. The energetic state of WayBack Water serves to stabilize the plastic even more. The non-leaching plastic used to manufacture the bottles that contact WayBack Water actually strengthens the containers to make them as stable as glass.